Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters Lynn and Alex

Who is behind Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters?

The couple behind at Maple Leaf (Alex and Lynn) started out drinking coffee obsessively at too young an age (well, Alex did).  As with a lot of obsessions, we took it further and started roasting coffee at home.  Fast forward some time and the circumstances worked for us to give this a try professionally.

What’s the story?

At Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters, we are often asked questions like, are you Canadian (basically, yes), how did you get into this (3oz at a time in the kitchen) and when will you get to opening a cafe (read all about that here).

While we love these questions, we also know you may wonder what Maple Leaf Roasters is all about. It’s not often that us residents of the great Midwest region are able to walk in to a small, specialty coffee roaster and see the process in action. But you’re probably still wondering what we are.

Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters Is…

Creators of small batch specialty coffee

We research, source and roast coffee in small batches and tell you on every bag when we did it (roasted on date). We are dedicated to putting quality into everything we offer and carefully crafting each and every batch to be a truly stellar cup of coffee.

here to find the best coffee for you

No matter what you drink or how you drink it, we are going to have something that fit your taste. It doesn’t matter if you are a Starbucks, Dunkin or McDonald’s coffee drinker or patronize one of our friends in the artisan roaster community — we have something for you. Most times, we feature over 10 different roasts from light to dark. Some of our coffee is available year round and some change from time to time.

approachable in every sense of the word

At Maple Leaf Roasters, you won’t find a limited selection, high prices, only light roasts, obnoxious attitudes, a lecture about why you’re “doing it wrong” (especially if you like how you make your coffee) or anything else to make you feel unwelcome. Our customers fit no single demographic of coffee drinker. We serve anyone as long as they love coffee.

a part of our community

Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters is proud to be part of the Roselle business community and give back to the place we live. We partner with Roselle businesses like Little Red Ribbon, Pollyanna, Chocolate Inspirations and Orange Theory. We support local charities and organizations like the PTO, Girl Scouts, 5k’s and Trunk or Treat events.

A very very small business with very very big dreams

Alex started in the kitchen and just kept growing until he had to move into a bigger space. Lynn started drinking coffee after Alex put some of the customer favorite Indonesian Bali Blue Moon in her hands. We both want to get big enough for this to be one of our day jobs (and create more jobs!).

here to introduce anyone and everyone to specialty coffee

We are eager to introduce our friends and neighbors to the great big world of specialty coffee. We are committed to being a source for regular human beings and coffee addicts alike (Alex falls into the latter, Lynn falls into the former). And most of all, we are eager to learn about you and your tastes — no kidding, we have enough regulars to have memorized their tastes!