Frequently Asked Questions

Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters Alex and Lynn

Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters Alex and Lynn

We are asked a lot of great questions about the business, about our coffee and about coffee in general.  Here are a few we hear most often.

Are you a coffee shop or cafe?

Nope!  We want to keep our business focused on producing unique, high quality coffee for people and businesses before we decide to expand.  It takes a lot of time, energy and money to be both a roaster and a cafe.  We want to get there, we really do.  You can help by supporting us, telling your friends, enemies and businesses to carry our coffee!

We do operate the cafe at the Roselle Metra train station. Our coffee is available to Metra commuters and to go customers via our special parking spots on the Irving Park road side of the station.

Can I get brewed coffee from you?

At the roaster location you can, with a few minor caveats.  You can come in to get coffee when we are open and we can't offer you a place to sit.  So treat us as a coffee to go, when we are open and when you don't want to work on your novel.

What times will you be open?

Check out our hours page for the latest regular opening hours.

How do I buy coffee?

We will offer a few options for local and non-local customers: 

  1. Buy in person during our retail hours.

  2. Internet: Head on over to to get any of our coffee shipped right to your front door.

  3. Subscription: We know the panic that sets in when you don't have a sufficient supply of coffee ready. We offer a subscription plan to ensure that you'll have fresh coffee on a regular schedule.

Will you grind the coffee you sell for me?


Alex shown in his adopted hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Alex shown in his adopted hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

What's up with the name?  Are you Canadian?

Here is Alex, wearing a classic Winnipeg Jets sweater, skating on the river in Winnipeg.  Hope that answers your question.