We need your help to grow!

As we close out the year, we want to ask for your assistance in the next phase of our growth at Maple Leaf Roasters.  Before we opened this business, we understood that the key to growing would be to get our coffee into cafes, restaurants, offices and local breweries.  

How does that help the business?

A key driver to growth is regular sales and regular sales mean we can start to plan short term, medium term and long term growth.

  • Short term: We can hire a few people to help us increase our output and be open more often.

  • Medium term: We can invest in better packaging, larger roasting equipment and expand the products we offer.

  • Long term: We finally set up that independent cafe in Roselle and provide a great place to drink locally roasted coffee with your friends and neighbors.

How can I help?

There are a number of ways you can support us and make this push successful.  In fact, some of our customers have already given us a hand by advocating for us.

  • Talk us up to your favorite independent cafe or restaurant that our coffee is worth featuring.

  • Tell your office manager or boss that you think our coffee would make your office way better.

  • Drop our name to people you may know at other local breweries (like a long time friend did with Pollyanna and Flesk).

  • In general, tell anyone and everyone, especially people who may have connections to any independent cafe, restaurant, office, brewery, etc, about our coffee.

Where can I send people to find out more?

Email us at coffee@mapleleafroasters.com, call us at (630) 974-7189, message us on social media (@mapleleafroasters) or check out mapleleafroasters.com/wholesale.

Thank you!

Though we have a list of businesses we intend to visit, the best leads so far have come from our customers.  We want to continue to grow and invest in our community, and growing our business is the best way to make that happen.

Alex and Lynn

Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters