Onix Honduran Coffee: Finca La Bendicion, Las Limas, El Paraiso

We are proud to feature our very first directly imported coffee. This coffee is produced by Onix Said Lira Vallecillos and is a tasty example of a Honduran coffee. We are excited to share all this information with you!

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The Farm 

Producer: Onix Said Lira Vallecillos

Cooperative: EMAPROCAFE (Empresa Asociativa de Productores de Café Fe y Éxito)

Farm Name: Finca La Bendición


Farm Location: Loma de Paja (village), Las Limas (town), Alauca (city), El Paraíso (department/region)

Farm Coordinates: 13.8034N, 86.6006W

Farm Size: 31.5 hectares in total, 6.3 hectares as Onix’s portion of the farm

Varietals: Lempira, Parainema, Catuai, IHCAFE90

Processing: washed with dry fermentation

Drying: Parabolic-shaded drying beds

Elevation: 1000m-1300m

Farm characteristics: ~60% native hardwood tree shade – Mostly poro and guamo, some banana and other fruit trees

Production: 2019 – Total of 120,000 lbs parchment, 5500 lbs (25 bags) as Parainema variety microlot and 1200 lbs. (5.5 bags) as Catuai variety microlot; 2020 projection – Total of 120,000 lbs. parchment, 11000 lbs. (50 bags) as Parainema variety microlot and 2400 lbs. (11 bags) as Catuai variety microlot

Farm / Producer Story

The farmer, Onix Said

Finca La Bendición is a family farm that is now split up into five sections that are owned and managed by Onix, his father Godofredo, mother Gregoria, brother Ivis, and sister Ejfi.  Onix’s father came to the Las Limas area when he was fourteen to work on his grandfather’s coffee farm. At the age of 22, Onix’s father bought his first hectare of uncultivated property and started Finca La Bendición. Over the years he worked hard to slowly purchase more property and grow his farm.

After graduating from university with an agronomical engineering degree, Onix’s father gave him 4 hectares of uncultivated land to convert into his own coffee farm. Onix is now 34 years old and lives in the nearby city of El Paraiso with his wife and three young children. He has bought some additional land to grow his farm to be 6.3 hectares.

Onix came in 33rd place in the Cup of Excellence competition in 2018 and two other producers had success in selling microlots. This motivated 45 producers to come together and form the EMAPROCAFE group to invest in producing and marketing specialty coffee. Onix is very ambitious and has become involved in many different projects with the Honduran government coffee support organization IHCAFE. In support of one such project, sections of his farm are dedicated to trialing new varieties for IHCAFE.

One of the main difficulties in the Las Limas area is drug trafficking. Since the area is right on the Nicaragua border, many youth have become involved in helping to smuggle drugs across the border. This is another motivation to form the EMAPROCAFE group – to offer youth something better to work towards. The Rust disease hit the area hard in 2011 and the low prices have discouraged coffee producers but Onix believes focusing on quality is the key to finding a better way to sell their coffee.

Onix says that producing coffee is something that is in his blood – for him it is a family tradition and passion. He is very excited about the possibilities of improving the quality of his and the EMAPROCAFE’s coffee. Onix did a small honey process experiment that cupped at 89. The enthusiasm radiates from Onix in talking to him about his and EMAPROCAFE’s future with coffee.