Holiday 2018 Packages

We have two special limited edition coffees for our 2018 holiday season along with some exciting new coffee brewing kit for sale.


We brought in a limited quantity of a Jamaican Blue Mountain and Papua New Guinea Sigri coffee to offer as part of our package.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaican Blue Mountain (JBM) coffees are a sought after, super flavorful variety of coffee which is rivaled only by Kona coffees for their distinctiveness. This particular JBM is a medium roast which brings out a touch of sweetness and a ton of passion fruit flavors. This is a light, crisp, easy to drink coffee which will do really well without cream or sugar.

Papua New Guinea Sigri Kula AA

This is the first Papua New Guinea (PPG) coffee we have brought in. PPG coffees are widely known for their rich, nutty flavors and this coffee is no exception. We roasted this to a bit beyond a medium roast to get the best flavor. In this PPG you’ll see some strong nutty accents paired with a pleasant caramel note backed by a full, rich taste.


As part of our holiday package, we are offering two new products for sale as part of the pack. Choose from either a Hario V60 Pour Over kit or Yama two cup French Press.

Pricing and Availability

Pick up an 8oz bag of each limited coffee plus any 12oz bag of our regular coffees for $50 (available online here) or throw in the Hario Pour Over, Yama French Press or a T-Shirt for $65 (available online here).

These packages are available starting today in store or online.

New light roast - Ethiopian Sidamo Natural

What's it all about

We are re-introducing a light roast coffee in place of our El Salvador Bella Vista.  This coffee is out of the Sidamo region of Ethiopia and is a favorite of ours for its strong fruit and berry flavors.  This is a natural processed coffee which means that the beans will be slightly varied in appearance and in taste.

How does it taste

We roasted this coffee to a light point to try to bring out some of the fruity notes.  The flavor is a fruity blast with strawberry hints of bakers chocolate along with a slight citrusy tang.  

When and where

This coffee is available as of October 11th in our physical store or any time via our online store.

New medium roast - Costa Rican Tarrazu La Pastora

What's it all about

This weekend we are introducing a new medium roast coffee in place of our (wildly popular) Costa Rican El Poeta.  This coffee is a great example of a good Costa Rican coffee and has been a favorite in our home for many years.

How does it taste

We roasted this to be a straight up medium roast coffee.  This level brings out a great balance of citrusy notes with a good balance of flavor and body.  Unlike the El Poeta we carried, this coffee has more honey and slight floral notes as opposed to the chocolaty cinnamon flavors found in the El Poeta.  It's got a touch of dark chocolate flavors along with some smooth, creamy notes.

This coffee is available as of the weekend of September 1st in our physical store or any time via our online store.