New July 8th: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Aricha

What's It All About

We were unable to keep our previous Ethiopian coffee from Sidamo in stock and picked up this coffee to replace it.  This coffee is from Yirgacheffe but differs in taste from the other Yirgacheffe we previously offered.

How Does It Taste

This coffee is a lighter roast, though not as light as our previous Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  The coffee features a fruity, sweet flavor, coupled with slight hints of chocolate.

The coffee does have a medium acidity, so expect a bit of a sharp, almost tart, taste.

How Should You Make It

This will taste good almost any drip method you'd like, from drip to pour over to french press. 


Visit us in store or head over to our online store to pick up this coffee for the following prices:

  • 8oz for $10
  • 12oz for $14
  • 16oz for $17