New starting July 1st: Our first Indian coffee

Indian Mysore #2 (Dark Roast)

Starting July 1st, we will be offering a brand new dark roast, an Indian coffee from the city of Mysore.  Indian coffees share a lot in common with other coffees from the Asia-Pacific region.  They are often complex, rich, bold and offer some very interesting notes.

What It's All About

This coffee is grown in the same groves as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and pepper plants.  Similar to our Indonesian Bali Blue Moon and the citrus plants paired with it, this pairing imparts some flavor to the coffee which generates spicy tones not found in other coffees.

How Does It Taste

We roasted this coffee darker which mellows some of the spicy notes found in a lighter roast but adds a smoother, less acidic taste.  This coffee has a bold flavor, subtle lemon notes coupled with a slight earthy flavor.  In other words, get ready for a very complex cup.

How To Make It

This coffee will taste great in a drip coffee maker but if you have the time and really want to bring out the full gamut of flavors, go for a french press.


Visit us in store or head over to our online store to pick up this coffee for the following prices:

  • 8oz for $7
  • 12oz for $10
  • 16oz for $12