New roast starting May 12th - Hartford Blend


Our very first espresso blend

We are proud to announce the introduction of our first espresso blend, the Hartford Blend.  This blend of Brazilian, Colombian and Nicaraguan beans has a bold, dark flavor that will surprise you with its sweetness.

What's in it?

We take two parts Brazilian beans from the region of Cerrado, the very same that are in our Toronto and Winnipeg blends.  They bring a touch of dark chocolate taste and a very smooth flavor.

Next we take one part Colombian beans from the Antioquia region.  These beans add some sweetness on top.

Finally, we add one part Nicaraguan beans from the Jinotega region for a deep, bold, slightly smoky flavor.

How should you make it?

We loved this blend as drip but it tastes super nice out of an espresso machine for all of you with fancy machines at home.  It's likely that this blend would turn out great in a french press too.

Hope you enjoy!