Special Edition Roast - Honduran Onix

Earlier this year, we got in touch with Sean from the Honduran Coffee Alliance. His company works to connect farmers in Honduras to coffee roasters and we were excited he found his way to us.

Historically, we have worked with importers to find our coffee selection but this was the first time we worked directly with a farm to bring in a batch of coffee. This also happens to be the first Honduran coffee we have had in store.

This coffee came to us from a farm (right here!) in Honduras run by Onix Said Lira Vallecillos. We will be sharing more of their story and information in the coming weeks.

This is a super tasty coffee which has a unique quality of roasting darker at lighter temperature points — meaning we roasted this to a light level but the appearance and flavor are more in line with a medium roast.

Onix and his wife and father

Taste and More

The coffee has a smooth, sweetness with tart apple and peach notes along with a touch of caramel and chocolate. Overall, we have found the flavor to be very refreshing and easy to drink. We’ve found this coffee works well both hot and in a cold brew.

We will be offering this coffee on its own for $12 for 12oz and $15 for 16oz and as part of our Hartford espresso roast.

New light roast - Malawi FTO Mzuzu

What's it all about

Our newest arrival is our first coffee from Malawi — Malawi FTO Mzuzu. This coffee is the replacement for our Kenyan Kiambu.

How does it taste

This coffee borrows from a lot of others in terms of its flavor profile. You’ll find a touch of citrus, like a good Central American coffee, some smoky notes, like a good Sumatran or Asia Pacific coffee and some floral, fruity, sharp notes like a classic Ethiopian.

When and where

This coffee is available as of May 25th in our physical store or via our online store.

Two returning favorites: Costa Rican El Poeta and Indian Mysore

Stop by soon to check out two old favorites which are for sale starting today. We have the customer favorite, Costa Rican El Poeta back in stock replacing the Peruvian Norte and the Indian Mysore back replacing the Indonesian Bali Blue Moon.

Costa Rican El Poeta

This coffee was a huge hit last summer and the crop we got this year is just as good as it was in the summer of 2018. We expect to have this coffee around for at least the entire summer. It makes a great drip coffee but also works really well as a cold brew coffee. We have historically used this for our cold brew as an alternative to our Hartford Espresso Blend.

How does it taste

The El Poeta is a medium roast with a lot of balance. It’s a smooth coffee with an almost buttery taste. You’ll find some mild citrus notes along with some cinnamon flavors in the aftertaste.

Find this coffee in store or on our online store!

Indian Mysore

The Indian Mysore coffee is on its second tour of the shop and is sure to be loved by fans of a Sumatran coffee. This coffee has some big flavor and works well in a French press and as a drip coffee.

How does it taste

We did not roast this super dark but it’s definitely on the darker end of the spectrum. You’ll find a big bold flavor with mild earthy tones, similar to a good Sumatran coffee. It’ll also surprise you with a few smoky notes and an extra something which closely resembles some spice (not hot spicy) notes.

Find this coffee in store or on our online store!