New light roast - Kenyan Kiambu Kiriga AB #1

What's it all about

Our newest arrival is our first standalone Kenyan coffee — Kenyan Kiambu Kiriga AB. This coffee is the replacement for our Ethiopian Sidamo.

How does it taste

You won’t mistake this for anything other than a classic Kenyan coffee.  If you are a sharp coffee fan, this will be right up your alley. Up front you’ll notice a sharp acidity and some sweet, honey flavors coupled with subtle chocolate and herbal spice notes.

When and where

This coffee is available as of January 19th in our physical store or via our online store.

Opening hours survey

Adding staff and hours

We are considering hiring an employee to work with us at the roaster but before we go that far, we need to know which additional hours would be best for us to be open. If you have trouble getting in to see us or would prefer some better times for your schedule, let us know in the survey below. Your answers will help us make decisions about our hiring and staffing needs.

We do not need to know who you are but if you want to leave your name or other contact info in the comments, we’d love to know who helped us out.

Should we attempt to be open extra hours Monday through Friday?
Should we attempt to be open more hours on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday)?
Days *
Is there a day (or multiple days) of the week you really want us to be open?
Do you have any general comments or feedback as we consider adding more hours?

New medium roast - Peruvian Norte EP

What's it all about

We are introducing a new medium roast coffee in place of our Costa Rican La Pastora.  This coffee is the first non-Costa Rican coffee to show up in our rotating medium roast spot and we think it offers an exciting array of flavors.

How does it taste

We roasted this similarly to how we have roasted our Costa Rican coffees. This coffee has a variety of subtle flavors found in some coffees we have previously had in store. The first taste you will notice is a gentle floral note, similar to some of the Ethiopian coffee we have had. It also brings subtle spice notes, similar to the Indian Mysore coffee, along with some very distant caramel and nutty notes if you go looking for them.

This coffee is available now in our physical store or any time via our online store.